Marcel Mati
lead vocal
Michal Čerevka
Dávid Baláž
Jozef Šarišský
Adam Lupták

Hero is a band formed in Košice in 2013. The band and its membership went through several reconfigurations achieving its current form when Marcel Mati and Jozef Šarišsky joined the band. Hero is now composed of David Balaž (bassist), Michal Čerevka (drummer and percussionist), Adam Luptak (electric guitarist), Marcel Mati (lead vocalist, lyricist) and Jozef Šarišsky (keyboardist). The musical style of the band can be described as an electro pop rock gradually ventured into more conventional and radio-friendly works with fresh and original type of sound.
The band’s first single is called ‟Not Forsaken” and their debut album is planned to be released in autumn of 2015.
The true meaning behind the name of the band represents a vision of the band :
H – hear us, E – everything has changed, R – reconstructed, O – of the ground.
Each member of the band dreams big, loves music, art and is ready to put their heart and soul into the songs they create for people who love and enjoy listening to music.
Hero believes that God has given each of us unique talents, and gifts that are deisgned to serve His will and enrich the lives of others. Music is a gift from heaven and a great communicator with our soul.
The band´s main credo is:
‟There is so much great and heart touching music still to be done because every musician was born an original”
That is why Hero loves to create new music and feel inspired. Even when two musicians do the same thing it may not be necessarily the same thing…

You Are My Hero // Michal Čerevka, Dávid Baláž, Jozef Šarišský, Adam Lupták, Marcel Mati - HERO
  1. You Are My Hero // Michal Čerevka, Dávid Baláž, Jozef Šarišský, Adam Lupták, Marcel Mati - HERO
  2. Not forsaken // Marcel Mati, Michal Čerevka, Adam Lupták, Dávid baláž, Jozef Šarišský - HERO
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